Contact Name : Andrew Neilson
Email : andrew.neilson@foodbuy.ca
Phone : 226-378-5546

Franchising Information


Industry : Restaurant ~ Burger, Chicken, Sandwiches – Deli/Sandwiches – Pizza, Wings, Donair – Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic

Investment Level : $100,000 – $250,000

Type of Opportunity : Franchise


Company Description

Envision Team

Creating experiences, driving growth.

A carefully selected group of talented individuals with whom have combined their passion for food with their desire to inspire through innovation and culinary and execution at the highest level.

Envision brings a holistic approach to retail and culinary excellence through its ability to offer support, innovation, training and implementation in the following:

  • Envision Brands (Roots & Seeds, Grill & Co, Carvery + Bakery and San Marzano)
  • Retail training
  • Digital Hospitality

Envision Brands feature up to 6 limited-time offers a year. These features have been created by our Envision Group Brand Managers and Research and Development Chefs, that are dedicated to supporting the brands.  Each location is fully-supported with both traditional and digital marketing – covering all dayparts, from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

We are committed to providing consistency and quality through meaningful partnerships.

To bring it all together, our team will walk you through your launch with an on-site training experience that will guide your team from pre-launch to post launch.